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silver tannco pouch
silver tannco pouch

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We know all too well the struggle of self-tanning. While the overnight marinade of extra dark self-tan had you looking like an ancient Greek goddess to the outside world, we know that behind closed doors, the ordeal could only be described as somewhat experimental, somewhat hilarious but always an absolute mess, especially when it came to figuring out how to sleep without staining your sheets.

We know this because we’ve been there. We’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of ruining our fair share of amazing sheets and pillow cases (#RIP), and more times than we care to recount, we’ve woken up next to an actual imprint of ourselves (sorry, bae). Besides being absolutely disgusted with the self-tan stained sheets in the morning, the slight thought of having to change the whole bed actually made us teary-eyed.

Which is why we created Tannco - the first UK-based self-tanning bed sheet protector. At Tannco, we’re trying to prevent your next #FakeTanFail and make your overall self-tanning experience a little bit easier. By constantly pushing the boundaries to create innovative, luxurious self-tanning products, we’re treating you how it should royalty. So come join our tribe of self-tan obsessed gals and share in on our newest launches, advice and whole lotta self-tan love. After all, we’re here to give you the right tan so you can conquer the world! #TanLikeAQueen

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