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  • Black Tannco Box

    Tan like a Queen

    Meet your new obsession: the Tannco Bed Sheet Protector. Unlike your ex, we’re actually good in bed.

  • Black Tannco Pouch

    No more streaks

    Made from Habutai Art Silk, this uber luxe, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free sheet protects your bedding while protecting your tan!

Sheet’s so clean they
are fit for a Queen

The first UK-based self-tan bed sheet protector, we’re here to help prevent your next #FakeTanFail and make your overall self-tanning experience a little bit easier.

We know all too well the struggle of self-tanning. We’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of ruining our fair share of amazing sheets and pillow cases (#RIP), and more times than we care to recount, we’ve woken up next to an actual imprint of ourselves (sorry, bae).

Say nighty-night to streaky bed sheets!

By efficiently working to keep your freshly applied self-tan on your skin - not on your crisp white sheets - Tannco helps you break barriers, be bold and be yourself - all in a night’s work!

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  • Machine washable & fast drying for your ease and convenience

  • Vegan & Cruelty free; because we are all animal lovers

  • Reusable stain free sheets; because we care about the environment

  • One size fits all; because you can sit with us