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Always have a back-up – you deserve it, Queen!

Sheet’s So Clean Bundle

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Can’t decide if you like our Black Tannco Sheet or Silver Tannco Sheet best? Treat yourself to both with our Sheet’s So Clean bundle so you always have a back-up – you deserve it, Queen!

Contains: 1 x Black Tannco Sheet and 1 x Silver Tannco Sheet

Glow like a Queen

  • Made with Habutai Art Silk for the most luxurious and blissful sleep
  • Built in pillow protector for max comfort while you dream
  • Protective fold for stain-free bed activities
  • Built in Zipper for easy access to and from sheet
  • Machine washable & fast drying for your ease and convenience

  • Vegan & Cruelty free; because we are all animal lovers

  • Reusable stain free sheets; because we care about the environment

  • One size fits all; because you can sit with us

Keep your tan on your body, rather than your bedding, with our Tannco Sheet. Made from Habutai Art silk and designed with all you overnight-tanners in mind, the Tannco Sheet stops your fake tan from ruining your bed sheets (and your bed sheets from ruining your tan). Available in Black or Silver – in this bundle, you get both!