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Tan Like A Queen

Twice the Fun Bundle

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Our Tannco Sheet and Tannco Self-Tanning Mousse are the perfect pairing, so you definitely deserve two of each! Our Twice the Fun bundle gives you a Tannco Sheet in each colour plus two bottles of tan - never get caught short with half a tan, or ruined sheets, again.

Contains: 1 x Black Tannco Sheet, 1 x Silver Tannco Sheet and 2 x Tannco Self-Tanning Mousse

Everything you need for a good night’s sleep

  • Twice the luxurious Habutai Art Silk Tannco Sheets (you know you need a spare)
  • Built in pillow protector, zipper and fold to keep your sheets tan-free
  • Our cherry scented Tannco Self-Tanning Mousse (bye-bye biscuit smell!) gives even, streak-free coverage with no orange tones
  • Fast drying, fast developing tan enriched with coconut oil

Tannco Sheet

Keep your tan on your body, rather than your bedding, with our Tannco Sheet. Made from premium silk and designed with all you overnight-tanners in mind, the Tannco Sheet stops your fake tan from ruining your bed sheets (and your bed sheets from ruining your tan). Available in Black or Silver – this bundle includes both!

Tannco Cherry Self-Tanning Mousse

Our Self-Tanning Mousse is easy to use, develops quickly and is streak-free. No more patchy tan, orange tones or biscuit-y tanning smell. This cherry-scented mousse is free from alcohol and parabens, enriched with coconut oil and is suitable for all skin types.