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WTF Is The Tannco Sheet?

Apr 09 2019

Picture the scene…

You’ve spent ages applying self-tan for a special occasion, whether this is for a night out with the girls or your latest Tinder date. You’ve primed and preened and moisturised to perfection to the point where your tan looks simply divine and you’re full-on glowing. Now all you need to do is get a good night’s sleep before the big day and you’re golden. Literally.

But, wait, what’s this? You’ve slept on your sheets like you usually would and - oh, the horror - the flawless self-tanning job you’d previously aced has been totally destroyed?

Gasp. Not only has your skin been completely stripped of fake-tan, but your bed sheets look like something bad has happened to an Oompa Loompa in there. Now you’re back to square one when it comes to your glow and you’ve got a sh*t ton of washing to do.

Sigh. What is life?

Imagine if there was a fake-tan solution where this scenario didn’t happen at all. An end to the despair of beauty mavens everywhere. A product where you could simultaneously protect your bedding while preserving your tan.

It sure would be a revelation, wouldn’t it?

Meet Your New Self-Tanning Obsession

Are you tired of ruining your bedding with self-tan? Has your fake tan gone wrong? Are you ready to have your life changed for the better?

If you answered yes to all three questions, then it’s about time you meet the Tannco Sheet: your latest self-tanning obsession.

Let’s face it, having self-tan residue transfer to your bed instead of staying on your skin isn’t ideal. And that’s precisely why the Tannco sheet is just so damn handy!

Created for all the fake-tan lovers and dirty sheet haters out there, this bed protector is currently taking the UK by storm.

It says no to messy bed sheets, duvets and pillows nationwide, and yes to having a beautiful goddess-like glow! If you want sheets so clean that they’re fit for a queen, then this little beauty is here to answer all your prayers.

How It Works

The good news is that anyone can use the Tannco sheet as it’s incredibly straightforward.

All you have to do is apply the sheet to your bedding just before you’re ready to head off to the land of nod and crawl into its silky softness for a peaceful night’s sleep. Then, in the morning, take the Tannco sheet off your bed, throw it in the wash and voila! You still have clean and fresh bedding that you can hop into the following night.

Ladies, I think it’s safe to say that your self-tanning woes are officially over.


Tan so glam with the Tannco sheet’s abundance of glorious features.

    • Made From Habutai Art Silk: This UK registered design aims to provide bedroom bliss for self-tan sleepers nationwide through the lightweight, soft and silky feel of the fabric.
    • One Size Fits All: This means that streak-free sheets are finally achievable regardless of the size of your bed.
    • Has a Built-In Pillow Protector: This allows you to insert a personal pillow inside for the utmost comfort in dreamland.
    • Has a Specifically Designed Crease: This folds over the duvet to serve as an armrest when chilling in front of Netflix, reading or drinking.

    • Has a Built-In Zip Fastening:This enables easy access for getting in and out of, especially when you’re in a hurry to start your day thanks to the 346 errands it feels like you have to run. Humph.

    • Comes in Its Own Pouch: This is ideal for being able to store the Tannco sheet safely and securely until it’s needed again (which is probably tomorrow, right? Who are we kidding?)

  • Choose from Two Different Colours: Classic black or sassy silver? Both? When it comes to stain-free sleep, the choice is entirely yours, hun.


Not yet convinced that the Tannco sheet is the surefire way of beating the self-tanning blues? Well, allow us to get straight down to the nitty-gritty details.

  • It prevents an unexpected self-tan explosion on your bedsheets, duvet and/or pillow
  • It stops self-tan residue from transferring to your bed instead staying on your skin
  • The fabric is designed to deliver maximum comfort while you’re sleeping in your self-tan
  • The fabric is a silk imitation, meaning that no silkworms were harmed during the manufacturing process
  • It’s easy to use and you can conveniently take it on and off as quick as a flash
  • It’s machine-washable and quick-drying
  • You can take it around to your mate’s or partner’s house or on a weekend away thanks to the travel-friendly pouch
  • It has the sustainability factor as it can be re-used repeatedly before needing to be replaced within six months to a year
  • The choice of classic black or sassy silver will suit every personal taste, for sure, but guess what? It’ll also make your bedroom look super Instagrammable

Which Tannco Sheet is Best for Me?

The wonderful thing about the Tannco sheet is that both colours have the same amazing features and benefits. Who would have thought?

That said, it can be difficult to decide which one to go for, especially if you’re entertaining or you want your bedroom to make an appearance on Instagram. I get it.

Answer me this: is your bedroom simply decorated with a minimalistic colour theme? I’m talking black and white or purely neutrals. If so, then it’s likely that the Classic Black Tannco Sheet option will work a treat for you.

And the bonus? With such a dark hue, you probably won’t even see any self-tan streaks as they’re happening. Winning.

On the other hand, the Sassy Silver Tannco Sheet alternative will undoubtedly add a touch of plush to your sleeping surroundings.

This hue is perfect if you’re already using metallic accents in your boudoir and are looking for a super sophisticated spray tan solution.

Either way, don’t continue to be horrified by your self-tanning nightmares. After all, why should you live like this when you can luxe like this?

Cheers to that!

Tan Like a Queen with the Tannco Sheet

It goes without saying that we all have fake tan disasters. That said, do we want to keep having them? Or do we want to find a way out?

I have the answer in terms of how to stop your bed sheets from getting covered in fake tan while keeping your glow intact. And no, it doesn’t involve you sleeping on uncomfortable towels (don’t fret, boo).

Step forward the Tannco sheet: undeniably the best solution for self-tanning, a complete game-changer and a little pouch of what dreams are made of.

I mean, this wonder product ultimately aims to reduce the hassle and minimise the mess of the whole self-tan process, resulting in a more luxury tanning experience - and who wouldn’t want that?

Shop the Tannco sheet now to get sheets so clean that they’re fit for a queen.

Have you used the Tannco sheet yet? What do you think of the concept? Let us know in the comments below!

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